Alan Tew & His Orchestra – Alanthology vol. 2

04 fev
 01 A fistful of dollars
 02 Yellow River
 03 A world of our own
 04 Winchester Cathedral
 05 Alfie
 06 This is my song
 07 Cherokee
 08 The Virginian
 09 Fire and rain
 10 The Olive Tree
 11 Georgy girl
 12 The Last Waltz
 13 I want you back
 14 The Good  the Bad and the Ugly
 15 I’ll never find another you
 16 Suspicion
 17 Just loving you
 18 Spanish Flea
 19 Lay Lady Lay
 20 Love is in the air
 21 Loving You
 22 Make it with you
 23 SOS
 24 Knowing Me Knowing You
 25 Strangers in the night
 26 If I were a rich man
 27 The Deadwood Stage
 28 I won’t last a day without you
 29 The green leaves of summer
 30 Honey Honey
 31 The Man From Laramie
 32 Gentle in the night
 33 The peanut vendor
 34 Cinderella Rockefella
 35 These boots are made for walking
 36 Bonnie and Clyde
 37 We’ve only just begun
 38 What is this thing called love
 39 Yeh Yeh
 40 A string of pearls

Download: Part Part 2

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